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I am an editor and a manipulator of the written word. I write nonfiction articles, personal essays, poetry, short stories, and I am currently working on my first novel, as well as a full-length book of poetry. My work has appeared in numerous literary journals and I’ve been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and a Best of the Net Award.

I have what some might describe as an unhealthy obsession with culture and its effects on a person's development. This is likely driven by my own (admittedly odd) ethnic background--Russian, Jewish, Azeri, Canadian--but my fascination transcends the personal narrative. I want to learn what it is that creates tension and harmony in a multicultural society.

But, most of all, I love to tease ideas, to hold them in my mouth like jawbreakers and take tiny, tentative bites every once in a while. Art and Writing belong to a long conversation, spanning generations and crossing cultural boundaries. I seek to participate in this conversation. Talk with me.

"One of my favorite things to do as a writer is to play with the physical, the sensual..."

excerpt from an interview with Brett Sigurdson of Mud Season Review

Editing experience

HOOT Review | Content Contributor

Zoetic Press | Reader

Lunch Ticket | Lead Editor, Blog Team

Lunch Ticket | Lead Editor, Creative Nonfiction

Lunch Ticket | Assistant Editor, Creative Nonfiction

Lunch Ticket | Copyeditor

Prague Revue | Associate Editor

Red Light Lit | Reader

"Here is love. See its blossoming, watch it take root with a curling of pinky fingers, echoing over the lake, over the perch’s gills, rousing the loon from its drift as its head jerks at the shore."

excerpt from "on love and fish" on Red Fez

Nice things people have said

And I swear I didn't pay them

Both the readership of the literary magazine on the whole, and the quality of the blog have increased since he donned the editorial mantle. We are very lucky to have him spearheading our efforts and I recommend him unreservedly to you. He is clever and kind. He is a total gem.

Mary Birnbaum, Blogger, Lunch Ticket

Alex Simand’s top notch work ethic, excellent writing and editorial skills, and enthusiastic commitment would be an asset to any organization. I would wholeheartedly work with him in any writing and editorial endeavor.

Arielle Silver, Editor in Chief, Lunch Ticket

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